Situationist Library

Situationist Library is an archive of primarily English language scholarship on the Situationist International (SI) and the artistic outputs of the SI and related movements. This library differs from other online archives of the SI’s work in that it includes secondary research in addition to the group’s original writings.

I’ve organized this site under three pages:

SI Library

SI Library includes an extensive digital archive of scholarship and primary documents on the SI. This research emphasizes the French section of the SI, but also includes research on sections in Scandinavia, England, Italy, and the U.S. Additionally, I’ve included what I refer to as, for lack of a better term, Neo-SI Scholarship in order to differentiate scholars that are implementing SI theoretical contributions in a less academically conventional way, although I recognize it’s an awkward and perhaps problematic categorization (should others have ideas on better organization, please be in touch!). While I have included primary documents where possible, especially previously hard-to-find documents, this is not the best archive of primary documents: three SI archives are linked in the sidebar that have done and continue to do important and notable work.

SI Films

SI Films links to several films including those of the Lettrist filmmakers (precursor to the SI), situationist filmmakers such as Guy Debord and René Viénet, as well as miscellaneous video utilizing strategies or theoretical frameworks conceptually informed by the SI, including contemporary video projects not directly related to the SI.

SI Film Texts

Lastly, SI Film Texts hosts the situationists’ writings on art and film, as well as contemporary scholarship on the film works of Debord and Viénet. Scholarship on the the film contributions of Debord in particular is perhaps the most quickly growing field in relationship to situationist scholarship, expanding our knowledge about Debord’s work to include his cinematic oeuvre in addition to his more well known written works like The Society of the Spectacle.

This website and archive was largely compiled as I was working on my own project and realized that there was no archive of SI scholarship. The library reflects the limits of my knowledge and energy I’m able to contribute to it, for example, my ability to keep up with broken links, seek out and add new articles, etc. It is a DIY project acting as an aggregate of what I’m able to find online or publish easily, but I am not serving in any official capacity. With that said, to my knowledge, this digital library is the largest archive of secondary research on the Situationist International that has been compiled in English.

I think of this project as a shared resource and hope that you’ll reach out to me with contributions, mistakes, and any other feedback. I would love your help!

You can contact me at:

schultz [dot] heath [at] gmail [dot] com